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Planning for Vacation Day

Are you worried about how to plan for a travel vacation?  Well I've found that planning your vacation can be simple and at times fun with these easy steps:

1.  Plan a budget for your vacation.  You won't get past the driveway with only pennies.  It's important to have a budget set aside for your travels.  I find that the best way to put a travel budget together is to save a little each month to contribute to vacation.  While it's obvious that you'll need money for a plane flight, you should also be sure to include food and incidentals such as entry tickets to this budget as well.  You can use a template like this one to help out.

2.  Plan a destination to match your budget.  There's no since in planning for an overseas trip if you only have a few hundred dollars.  Plan your vacation around the budget you have, and choose a destination based on that.  Do research on your destination.  Are there opportunities to try the local cuisine or a famous restaurant?  How is the local traffic?  Will you need transportation or is this a pedestrian friendly destination?  What activities will you participate in?  What places will you go?  These are good questions to ask at this time, because how much will any of this cost? 

3.  Pack your bags, it's almost time to go!  Create a packing list.  I've forgotten to pack my dress shoes before, and it's troublesome not to have dress attire to go out for an evening.  Comfortable clothing that's climate appropriate are important to bring with you, but you also need to think of some of the smaller things in life:  if you're prescribed any medication are you bringing enough to make it through your trip?  Do you have those hygiene essentials?  If you wear contacts, maybe it would be wise to pack a spare set, or those glasses for if something happens.  See these neat things to keep you organized during your trip:  Duke Cannon Travel Kit  Men's Hygiene Bag  Pill Fob

4.  Are you flying or driving to your destination?  You may want to think about comfort while you're en route.  A small nap or some soft music would leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on any activities that your destination has to offer.  Check out these products to bring a little solace to that crowded airport or stuffy airplane: Sleep Mask  Earbud Case

5.  Things to do and consider before you leave:  Do you have any pets?  Are they going to be boarded, or is a friend or family member going to house sit?  Are you going to have someone pick up your mail, or place it on hold with the post office?  Can you also place a hold on newspapers or any other deliveries while you're gone?  Clean your house before you leave.  No one wants to come home to a house full of chores.

I've been following these steps and it has taken the stress out of vacation planning.  I hope this list helps you when it comes time to leave.  It certainly has helped me.  Now I really look forward to planning, and I have fun with researching the areas I'm going to visit.  My family likes to get in on the plan, and we discuss activities we could do in an area or attractions we can see.  Even the kids get involved.  I hope you have similar results!

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